Made in Italy 100%

State of the art manufacture distinguished by precious finishes and scrupulous attention to detail.

Distinctive sign

Leather is a precious material, it represents elegance, wearability and stability over time.
Rito knows that to give the product its uniqueness, the quality of the materials is fundamental.
For its products, Rito uses natural leather that gives a special sensation to the touch and the unmistakable scent of the skin enriches the environment with a pleasant atmosphere.

The warmth of wood, the smell of real leather

We are fascinated by all that is beautiful, beyond fashions and trends.

We constantly follow market demands, the products most sold by our customers and the wishes of the final buyer. This is why we take care of the final presentation of our products, decorated with the engraving of the brand logo and enclosed in elegant and refined packaging.
We want those who receive a RITO gift to know from the packaging that they have received a high quality product.

Made by craftsmen

Each of our objects is exclusive and unrepeatable because created by the hands of craftsmen who know the best processing techniques.

Noble materials

Only the best materials are used for creations of high exclusivity and originality.

Tailor made

Collaborations with famous national and international brands, model work, exclusive and customized solutions.