Special Projects

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Your world signed by RITO.

The first step is relying on the skill of our artisans who place put the utmost professionalism in their work obtaining a refined and finished product.

Thanks to the technical knowledge and specificities we can offer the customization of metal and wood products, company logo or decor and furnishing accessories. The materials used are chosen carefully and based on client’s needs.

The true Italian quality.

A touch of class and elegance.

We realize customized projects for demanding customers, professionals and architects, personalize private residences, jets or yachts with our leather products, seeking a refined and elegant style.

Each processing step is directly followed, in order to guarantee the perfect correspondence between the customer’s requests and the finished product.

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Dedication to work, dynamism, passion, willingness to understand and support our customers’ needs.

Creativity and competence to aim for a great result. Here’s how we like to work.