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Quality craftsmanship from to Gravine dell’Alta Murgia

Believing in the added value of a production carried out within its own structure, controlled and enhanced by the hands of skilled artisans, makes the RITO creations 100% MADE IN ITALY. 

We are attentive to the most demanding requests, to everything that is particular and not taken for granted, with the aim to continue to create accessories quality beyond fashion, recognized for the discreet elegance and refined style of the lines.




“Grana dat et vina”

This is the Latin etymology of the word Gravina. The city is located at the centre of places rich in history and culture, overlooking the characteristic landscape of the Alta Murgia Park and a few kilometres from the fascinating Matera, designated Capital of Culture for 2019. 

Gravina in Puglia is situated in an area characterized by peasant and artisan work in which the “hands” have always made the difference and have always been a guarantee of uniqueness. Our company intends to maintain this tradition, preserving the artisan quality and the care of the “handmade”, while looking at new means and processes.

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